Complete exterior washing solutions for your heavy equipment.


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  1. High pressure pump and heater systems.
    HPW Incorporated not only sells and services most major manufacturers of pressure washers but also builds custom equipment to handle the tougher applications. Equipment in a centralized system keeps portable units from being damaged or stolen. Operators can now be more concerned with cleaning and getting the job done instead of dealing with a portable pressure washer. Cold, hot water, electric, gas, manual control, automatic controls, portable or stationary; let our technical expertise find the solution and solve your toughest challenges.
  2. Every automotive dealership knows the importance of a clean vehicle delivered to its customers. By having proper equipment like 360 overhead booms in the detail bays, cleaners spend more time cleaning than fighting and scratching cars by pulling hoses around the car to clean them.
  3. Mechanics find the work easier and less hazardous when working on clean equipment. Central cleaning systems with cleaning station located near the bay for easy access achieves this.
  4. Dive through lube or reception bays need to be kept clean to give the customer confidence there vehicle will be repaired and maintained in a professional manner. Spring rewind hose reels keep the hose out of the way after clean up.
  5. Drains, trenches and sump pits are the places where dirt collects before entering and plugging the drains. It is an important part of you cleaning system. It is even more critical if you recycle the wash water.
  6. In rural areas without city sanitary sewers or environmentally sensitive areas partial discharge may only be allowed. HPW Incorporated can help with oil and dirt removal as well as recycle water systems for your pressure washer.

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