logo-legacyLegacy introduces the next level of high-pressure pumps, the Legacy HD pump. This heavy duty high-pressure pump is the result of 2 1/2 years of research and development and includesmany upgrades over previous pump models.

Top quality, long-life components and new design features make the Legacy HD pump an outstanding high-pressure pump. Extensive testing proves it will hold up better under the toughest working conditions.


  • Stronger crankcase housing, with thicker aluminum cross members and mounting feet for added strength.
  • Polished stainless steel plunger rod that reduces friction heat for smoother, cooler operation.
  • High temperature long-life Seals perfectly fitted to each pump.
  • Oil level dipstick is vented, allowing for heat expansion.
  • Oil level sight glass for quick and easy oil inspection.
  • Revolutionary forged brass heads with exclusive deep-well-sealing valve caps eliminate any head pressure effects to the valve cap and valve cap thread.
  • Super strong two-piece connecting rods engineered with double-feeder grooves, to maximize lubrication for a pump running at much cooler temperatures.
  • Premium European quality tapered roller bearings on both the drive-side and opposite-drive-side of the pump that can manage heavier and more demanding loads while minimizing noise levels and heat build-up.
  • Precision machined hollow crankshafts for easier assembly and disassembly. Solidshaft models have a full 55mm shaft length to easily accept pulley and sheaves.
  • Precision ground and highly polished solid ceramic plungers designed and built to handle high temperature and pressure spikes.
  • Crankcase features cooling fins for heat-transfer.
  • Cooler oil temperatures mean less stress on all parts and extended pump life

We believe the Legacy HD Pump is the strongest, most durable pump on the market. We’ve tested the pump in extreme conditions, including running the pump dry for 24 hours without any signs of wear, and we are very confident about it’s strength and performance.

We challenge you to give the new Legacy HD Pump your own test. Run the pump dry. Run it in bypass. Take it apart. See for yourself how well it holds up. The Legacy HD maintains performance in extreme conditions. Imagine how it performs for you in everyday regular use!

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