SPRAYFLEX® flexible pressure washer wand that keeps its shape even while under pressure.

The Sprayflex® Advantage

Flexible WandSprayflex® is specially designed for the pressure washing industry to clean the hard to reach places while maintaining the shape you bend it to.

This flexible wand has a maximum bending radius of this industrial pressure wash wand is built for up to a maximum of 90 degree bends or twists. This 12″ long, 1/4″ male pipe thread inlet, and 1/4″ female pipe outlet pressure wash wand is for use with a maximum water temperature of 200 degrees F. This specifically designed high pressure flexible pressure wash wand can attach to the end of a straight pressure washing wand / lance or directly onto the end of a trigger gun.

Models to Choose From:

  • ABEW0105EEE012 Maximum Pressure 3,000 PSI
  • AEF20105EEE012 Maximum Pressure 5,000 PSI

Lonn® Water Saver

Lonn® Water Saver flexible wash down nozzle leaves the operator always in control.

The Water Saver Advantage

Saver NozzleThe rugged quality design incorporates fewer parts than most other types of valves. No screws, levers or push buttons are used in the opening and closing of the flow of water. For use with city water pressure. Models also include moderate pressure and hot water applications. Stainless steel version for clean room applications are also available.
The ease of operation in controlling of the water makes cleaning more effective at the lower pressures. Replacement from abuse or stepping on is eliminated from the molded rubber design. Just flex the rubber extension and control the flow of water.

Models to Choose From:

  • 05SP – Fan Spray Nozzle, Maximum Pressure 72 PSI / Maximum Temp. 75 F
  • 05BP – Jet Stream Nozzle, Maximum Pressure 360 PSI / Maximum Temp. 160F

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