Wash Water Recycling

Closed & Open Loop Systems

  • Limited Fresh Water Access
    Reuse wash water
  • Municipal Waste Water not Available
    Discharge to sewer not available or not allowed
  • Protect Property
    Stop the discharge of pollutants onto the ground
  • Protect Ground Water
    Stop the discharge of oils that can leach into the soil

Zero Discharge

Complete specialty applications for industrial cleaning.


The numbers reference the drawing:

  1. High pressure pump and heater systems.
    HPW Incorporated not only sells and services most major manufacturers of pressure washers but also builds custom equipment to handle the tougher applications. Cold, hot water, electric, gas, manual control, automatic controls, portable or stationary; let our technical expertise find the solution and solve your toughest challenges.
  2. The automotive dealership industry typically have light oil and dirt loads. Detailing and shop bays do not require drive down collection pits like heavy equipment operators. Overhead booms, festoon, and hose reels are the standard to keep hose trip hazards from occurring. This also maintains a tidy workplace.
  3. Depending upon the equipment being repaired, light to medium dirt and oil loads are usually found in this application. Fresh water rinse may not even be necessary in this application.
  4. Keep tripping hazards to a minimum by mounting spring rewind hose reels on the wall.
  5. Depending upon they use of equipment, the transportation industry has a medium to high dirt and oil load. This type of recycling equipment may also require larger wash pad and pit designs to accommodate the increased dirt load.
  6. The type of cleaning required in the manufacturing processes will determine the size of equipment. The wash water recycling system in this application can range from the lightest to the heaviest of duty. Let HPW Incorporated help you find the right equipment for your needs.
  7. If cleaning up the wash water to discharge or completely closed loop systems are needed, HPW Incorporated represents high quality, durable, common sense equipment that is simple to maintain.
  8. Biological loads in washing such as golf courses deal with organics and pesticides. This type of dirt load require a different cleaning solution. Instead of mechanical separation as the main component, enzymes are the key component in the recycling of the water

Let HPW Incorporated help you with your wash water recycling system. 

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