Cleaning Equipment & Positive Displacement Pump Supplier

Cleaning Equipment & Positive Displacement Pump System Professionals

HPW Incorporated specializes in providing solutions with sales and service of industrial cleaning equipment and positive displacement pumping systems. We can also modify existing systems or design a new system to your specific application.

At HPW Incorporated we pride ourselves in matching the equipment to the application. Normally, systems or components are not designed to operate for a short time before failure occurs. Unscheduled downtime is not profitable. A partial list in matching your equipment to the application requires finding how pressure, volume, temperatures, dirt loads, operator requirements, environmental requirements, power supply, water supply, will work with your equipment and accessories. This can change as your company grows, and so can your equipment.

A firm understanding of how all the components work in relation to each other is critical for HPW Incorporated personnel to supply, build, design, or repair systems.

When a system does not work; repairing, replacing, or installing component(s) must have an explanation of why this is required. Knowing the reason(s) for a problem or potential problem brings peace of mind you can rely on. This knowledge not only helps in customer satisfaction but saves you money. HPW Incorporated also has the inventory and knowledge to help the qualified industrial customer choose, adjust, repair, or modify equipment. If parts or accessories are all you need, you have come to the right place. Some parts or accessories are modified or set to factory specifications for your equipment. We can help here too. If misapplied, parts that generally look the same can cause equipment damage or failure. We are here to help you find the right part.

Thank you for choosing HPW Incorporated as your preferred cleaning equipment and positive displacement pump supplier.