Maintaining Industrial Pressure Washers

Plant managers, building facility managers, or maintenance managers are charged with the daunting task of keeping equipment operating correctly. The success and cost efficiency of this task has always bee based upon knowledge backed up by the skill of workmanship. In house maintenance or service personnel may have a very good skill set, but if they are not dedicated to the specific equipment, they may miss critical or costly equipment deficiencies. The positive displacement pump does not operate alone even though it may be the heart of the equipment. Without the controls and accessories in good standing, pump seals, plungers, or other components are subject to failure. The location does not matter whether it is in Toronto, the GTA, Canada or the USA. So what is the answer?

HPW Incorporated has found success in 3 formulas. 

  • Complete in house maintenance program in conjunction with HPW parts purchase history. The in house program success is based upon a dedicated personnel assigned to the maintenance of the pressure washer(s) or in plant high pressure pumping system. Regular maintenance with documented work performed allows for historical reference. HPW’s purchase history and technical support can bring attention to the possibility of hidden problems with repeated component or parts replacement before its designed life span.
  • If dedicated personnel are not available, regular maintenance is performed in conjunction with HPW Incorporated. Parts are stocked by the customer and replaced once used. HPW Incorporated records of customers equipment is more detailed for historical reference.
  • Complete maintenance program completed by HPW Incorporated. Parts, components, and accessories are recorded and maintained by HPW.

There are many combinations of pumping packages systems

  • System controls range from PLC (programmable logic controllers), VFD (variable speed drive or variable frequency drive), pressure switches, flow switches, thermal probes, solenoids, transducers, overloads and relays.
  • Mechanical controls range from regulators or unloaders, valves, swivels, trigger guns, pulsations dampeners, surge tanks, reliefs, nozzles, chemical injectors, filters, seals, and estimator’s.
  • Accessories range from surface cleaners, sewer nozzles, flexible wands, hose reels, duct cleaners, rotating nozzles, and tank cleaners.
  • Heaters range from natural gas or propane, diesel fired, direct immersion electric, or bath style electric elements

With all the components working in conjunction with each other regular maintenance prevents one part from causing premature failure of a pump or other major component. HPW Incorporated supplies you with the right pressure washer or high pressure pumping equipment as well as components, maintenance, and technical support. Contact us for all your industrial pressure washer and pumping package needs.

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