Complete washing solutions for your food plant.


The numbers reference the drawing:

  1. High pressure pump and heater systems.
    HPW Incorporated not only sells and services most major manufacturers of pressure washers but also builds custom equipment to handle the tougher applications. Cold, hot water, electric, gas, manual control, automatic controls, portable or stationary; let our technical expertise find the solution and solve your toughest challenges.
  2. Industrial applications require industrial tools. Make sure you supply your sanitation operators with HPW Incorporated’s industrial products they use daily. High pressure gun/wand/nozzle assemblies, swivels, and non-marking animal fat resistant hoses, are just a few products we offer.
  3. HPW Incorporated has the products and accessories for your specialty applications like tote and tank washing or belt and conveyor washing. Motor driven or water driven rotary nozzles are just a few of the components available to you.
  4. For ease of use, safety, or just work space cleanliness, HPW Incorporated has the hose hangers, stainless steel hose reels, or piping system for your wash station(s).
  5. Production wash down sometimes have their own special needs. Varying pressures, temperature, or chemical application may be required for complete sanitation requirements. Let us find solutions for that works for you.
  6. Pathogens that lie on the surface or brought in by cross contamination can be greatly reduced by charging the air with peroxide compounds. Much safer than ozone but with the same sanitizing punch.
  7. Hydro-peroxides and super oxide ions sanitation tunnels that kill pathogens on the surface of foods during production for your added layer of protection.

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