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The numbers reference the drawing:

  1. High pressure wash systems can reduce the number of nozzles required by using rotary unions. The water pressure and volume flowing through the nozzle places at a slight angle causes the rotation. HPW Incorporated supplies high quality, high precision, swivels and rotary unions to match the required flow, pressure and temperature for your application.
  2. Strategically place nozzle can use the high pressure water to de-bur machined parts or flush machining filings from holes or ports. Spray bars with multiple nozzles can also be position to clean critical areas.
  3. Humidification for cooling is used in many application involving livestock. Long processing times of livestock allows the animals to remain cool even in harsh conditions.
  4. The atomizing of water to maintain a high humidity in the agricultural industry is a tried and true standard. Mushroom growers are one of the many applications high pressure water is used to keep a very humidity environment.
  5. Cutting and boring holes with water jetting is preferred in many applications. Hydro Vac trucks use high pressure water to bore holes. Softer materials and even food products are cut with water. In the application of food, cutting meat adds water to the product increasing it weight (and its price).
  6. Automated maintenance washing during production allows for continuous flow of material and reduces down time. For example, there is no need to stop production to clean screens when high pressure water is incorporated into the process.
  7. Water is far safer than a compressible gas for pressure testing. As well as being safer than a gas, hydrostatic testing with high pressure water also shows visible signs of leaks.
  8. Tank washing and clean in place equipment may require specific equipment. Hard to reach locations or confined spaces can be accessed easily with mechanically driven nozzles. 

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