Complete exterior washing solutions for your heavy equipment.


The numbers reference the drawing:

  1. High pressure pump and heater systems.
    HPW Incorporated not only sells and services most major manufacturers of pressure washers but also builds custom equipment to handle the tougher applications. Cold, hot water, electric, gas, manual control, automatic controls, portable or stationary; let our technical expertise find the solution and solve your toughest challenges.
  2. Industrial applications require industrial tools. Make sure you supply your operators with HPW Incorporated’s industrial high pressure guns, wands, nozzles, swivels, hoses and fittings.
  3. For ease of use, safety, or just work space cleanliness, HPW Incorporated has the festoon system, hose reel, overhead boom, or piping system for wash station(s).
  4. Low pressure, high volume de-mucking or knock down washing. For cleaning applications that require pre-washing of heavy dirt loads before pressure washing, HPW Incorporated’s has a range of equipment/accessories to prewash high dirt load application.
  5. An overlooked but very important component in the heavy equipment washing system is… What happens after the dirt and oils are removed? The problems of plugged piping, clogged pits, and oily water discharging to sewers can become very costly. Wash pads are part of you cleaning system. Let HPW Incorporated find solutions to your problems before they happen.
  6. With the increase in regulation enforcement of water discharge to municipality sewer systems, open loop washing is not always allowed. HPW Incorporated can help in open loop, semi-closed loop or totally closed loop recycling wash water systems. 

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