Complete specialty applications for industrial cleaning.


The numbers reference the drawing:

  1. High pressure pump and heater systems. HPW Incorporated not only sells and services most major manufacturers of pressure washers but also builds custom equipment to handle the tougher applications. Cold, hot water, electric, gas, manual control, automatic controls, portable or stationary; let our technical expertise find the solution and solve your toughest challenges.
  2. High pressure drain nozzles, rotary duct, and rotary pipe nozzles are specially designed for piping applications. Foot pedal control allows the operator’s hands to feed or remove the nozzle from piping at the rate desired.
  3. Trust unions and connections that are designed to rotate under the pressures and temperatures required for durable trouble free operation.
  4. Keep hoses off the floor and prevent tripping hazards with hose reels and festoon systems in areas where high usage occurs
  5. Surface cleaners direct the cleaning without splashing the entire area. Surface cleaners with recovery ports allow your vacuum system to pick up the water in areas puddles are not allowed.
  6. Rotary nozzles with a zero degree spray pattern increase impingement or cutting power to your high pressure washing. If it is a wider spray patter for floor washing let HPW Incorporated help you with the accessory you require. 

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