Pressure Washer Equipment Safety

Inadequate knowledge, of any industrial tool can lead to equipment failure or even worst personnel injury. With the correct knowledge, an industrial pressure washer will be a useful tool performing as designed for many years of service. Depending upon your technical expertise, basic component function is a minimum requirement. Professional technical knowledge and expertise is required for safely performing repairs.

The use of pressure washer cleaning equipment in any business requires a safety first attitude.

Your Pressure Washer Cleaning Equipment

Basic safety procedures will apply with most makes and models from hot and cold water units to portable and stationary units.

What basic knowledge must be known before using a pressure washer?

  • Minimize or Eliminate Hazardous Locations – slipping or tripping hazards, overhead obstructions, electrical components, poor housekeeping, poor ventilation, confined spaces, pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • Use PPE – personal protective equipment – for your specific cleaning application
  • Never spray or handle live electrical equipment – eliminate the possibility of electrical shock- never direct spray the pressure washer drive motor or controls
  • Respect the high pressure water spray – never point the high pressure spray at yourself or any other person or living animal – never allow horseplay or children to operate the pressure washer
  • Never attempt to adjust safety or operating regulators and components – only qualified trained personnel should adjust equipment settings
  • Eliminate abusive use of components – pulling on kinked hoses, power cords, running vehicles/equipment over hoses, trigger guns, or system accessories
  • Alway release the pressure before changing or adding components – Securely connect and check hoses and components before re pressurizing
  • Engage the trigger gun lock when not in use – eliminate unintentional spraying
  • Report component leaks or poor performing equipment to qualified personnel – keep equipment well maintained
  • Use the equipment with proper supplied facilities – adequate water, power, fuel, and/or air supply
  • Never allow the pressure washer to freeze – antifreeze or drain

The above operations list as well as the following consists of the absolute minimum requirements (but does not by any means constitute a complete safety program), to start to maintain or preform service on high pressure water equipment.

What basic knowledge must be known before maintaining or repairing an industrial pressure washer?

  • Proper lock out procedures of power, water and/or fuel – proper maintenance and repair lock out procedures before and during work.
  • Complete understanding and training of the equipment and its components
  • Completely release all pressure before attempting to repair or replace components
  • Keep work area clean – clean up spills, debris, parts and tools
  • Only use replacement components designed or recommended to be used – never substitute substandard components in maintenance or repair of equipment.
  • On electrical systems double check connections – all connections are secure and properly grounded
  • Never attempt to operate equipment or components higher than their recommend operating pressure and temperature – insure safeties are installed and functioning

HPW Incorporated written policy “To ensure a safe working environment with the understating that no job is worth risking injury to themselves or others”

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