How can Installing an Accessory or Replacing a Part Downstream of a Pressure Washer Pump Cause any Problems?

One closer examination, this simple question of replacing nozzles or installing new accessories on your pressure washer may not be that simple. There may be something that you have overlooked. Let’s start with the basics.

A standard pressure washer pump is a positive displacement pump and by definition displaces a certain amount of water with every revolution. Therefore the pump will produce X amount of GPM flow (gallons per minute) running at a certain RPM (revolutions per minute). Here is the part to remember, the pump does not develop the pressure. Think of it this way, you are watering the flowers with a regular garden hose and the end of the hose is open with nothing on it. Your water the first 2 rows but the water is not getting to the flowers 3 and 4 rows back. So you put your thumb over the end of the hose and the water spray now travels further watering all the flowers. The same amount of water now has to speed up to get through the smaller opening causing an increase in pressure. The pump supplying the water is not connected to your thumb, the restriction you made with your thumb increases the pressure. The same thing happens with your pressure washer pump. A correct restriction or high pressure nozzle develops the pressure. So any accessory or part added in the high pressure line could possible be a restriction.

Can the same type of part from a different manufacture work?

So when it comes to the restrictions, downstream of the pump, it does not matter the manufacture of the nozzle or restriction. Only that the specifications of the component are correct. For example; AR, Bex, Dirt Killer, Interpump, Giant, General Pump, Legacy, Mecline, PA, Spraying Systems or Suttner all manufacture or distribute nozzles. The material of the nozzle, orifice, and number of orifices, must match the pumps specifications for safe and proper operation. Be safe and have a professional repair or help advise you on an accessory, component, or part downstream of the pump you require.

Common Downstream Pressure Washer Accessories

  • Duct Cleaner
  • Chemical Injector
  • Foaming Applicators
  • Pit Cleaners or “Sludge Sucker”
  • Media or Sand Blasting Nozzles
  • Spray Bar
  • Surface Cleaners
  • Under Carriage Cleaners
  • Water Broom

Know the specifications of your equipment and the part or accessory that you are installing. Contact Us for your application. Let us help you find the best solution.

For professional industrial pressure wash equipment, pumps, accessories, and parts, call HPW Incorporated.

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