Fast Industrial Cleaning with Power Pressure Washers

If your business uses industrial or commercial equipment, you know what it takes to keep that equipment clean, but maybe you don’t know how much easier equipment cleaning is with a power pressure washer.

What sorts of businesses & related industries are we talking about?

  • Automotive – dealers, mechanics, rentals
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Transportation
  • Heavy equipment

Regardless of the business, clean equipment works better, lasts longer and is easier to maintain. In other words, you save money by keeping your equipment clean and a power pressure washer cleans faster than traditional cleaning methods.

Hot-water pressure washers can save you even more time and money. Hot water is a natural emulsifier, which means it needs less chemical cleaning agents to do the same work.

Choosing the Right Power Pressure Washer

If you’ve decided to purchase or rent a power washer to help clean your industrial equipment, or would like to get the equipment needed to start a cleaning business, make sure you get the right equipment for the sort of cleaning you want to do.

  • Hot-water pressure washers – they simply clean better, faster and use less detergent. One of the only areas where hot water washers don’t outperform cold-water washers is on wood surfaces, which the hot water tends to soften faster, leading to finish removal and damage to the wood.
  • Heating the water downstream of the pump has may advantages, especially in multi gun applications. The most common way for hot water pressure washing downstream of a pump is; electrically heated heaters, natural gas fired heaters, propane fired heaters, or diesel fired burner units.
  • Power & Capacity – You will find gas and electric washers, single and multi-pump systems and a wide range of accessories to suit every application. Again, it all depends on the cleaning you require, but make sure you get adequate pumping power, pressure (psi) and water capacity (gpm) for your needs. If you require electrically heated pressure washing, a 575 volt / 3 phase power supply is recommended.
  • Wash Water Recycling – Cleaning up the wash water to discharge or re-use – we can help.
  • Get the Right Hose – While having the right power is important, your washer’s hose has to handle that power in a variety of operating environments, including exposure to chemicals, heat and abrasion – make sure it can.
  • Accessories – Gun swivels, hose reels, booms, rotary nozzles, are just a few accessories to cut down on the time and work required to clean.
  • Replacement Parts – When worn out component needs to be replaced, will the support you need be there?
  • Check the Warranty – Presuming that, if you’re considering purchasing a power washer you plan to make good use of it, check and compare warranties to avoid repair and replacement costs.
  • Ask a professional – It never hurts to talk to colleagues, suppliers, even pressure washer salespeople and manufacturers to get as much information as you can.

The Right Power Pressure Washer Company

HPW Incorporated is a leader in the sales, service, repair and installation of industrial power pressure washers, parts and accessories since 1997.

HPW Incorporated offers their customers:

  • Professional and courteous personal service
  • Complete problem diagnosis and the best, most cost-effective solutions
  • Custom equipment modification or fabrication
  • The most established, reliable and trusted brand names in the business
  • Detailed and thorough quality control on everything we do

To learn more about power pressure washers, contact HPW Incorporated today at 905-761-8822 or Contact Us.

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