Find Out How to Use a Pressure Washer

An industrial pressure washer offers a convenient cleaning system. It has become a part of standard cleaning equipment in manufacturing, food processing and construction businesses, and also in other industries that use heavy equipment. To simplify your cleaning work further, HPW pressure washers come with various, built-in options to suit your industrial cleaning needs.

How to use a pressure washer?

The basic components of a pressure washer include a motor that drives the water pump, a pressure hose and a trigger-gun like lever. Pressure washers are classified based on the type of energy they consume. Some of the popular ones for industrial use are:

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Hydraulic high pressure washer
  • Ultra high pressure washer
  • Petrol/diesel pressure washer
  • Gas pressure washer

Pressure washers need four key elements to function irrespective of the type of machine you choose. These four elements are the pressure, heat, water flow rate and cleaning solution.

Determining the right measure for these key elements allows you to best utilize these cleaning systems. For instance, if your budget allows for only a cold water pressure washer, you’ll have to apply more pressure and use more water and cleaning solutions to get the desired results than with a hot water based washer.

Bear in mind that detergents soften the dirt and grime quicker at higher temperatures. It’s one of the reasons that make hot water pressure washers the most popular.

Cleaning Techniques

  • Cleaning Agents: Combined with the water pressure, a simple solution of liquid soap, bleach and water can do wonders. It will emulsify oil, grease, dirt and mold.
  • Heating the water downstream of the pump has may advantages, especially in multi gun applications. The most common way for hot water pressure washing downstream of a pump is; electrically heated heaters, natural gas fired heaters, propane fired heaters, or diesel fired burner units.
  • Increased Water Flow: The level of cleaning depends more on water flow than on water pressure. A washer with a bigger pump can increase the water flow. GPM or gallon per minute is the scale used to measure water flow. Washers with a higher GPM are more effective and consequently more expensive as well.
  • Low Pressure Washing: This technique is primarily used for more delicate surfaces like wood. A powerful cleaning agent coupled with wider nozzles that ease pressure will not damage wooden flooring or vinyl sidings.

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