General Pressure Washer Pumps

General pressure washer pumps have been a well-respected leader in a wide variety of industry sectors for over 30 years.

  • Vehicle Wash – With the Emperor series, General established itself as the leading supplier to the car wash industry
  • Sewer Jetting – With an increased sensitivity to what we put into sewer lines – and what ends up in our water supply – General pumps are relied upon to keep sewer lines unclogged and clean. Everything from tree roots and household waste to mud, grease and sludge can block a sewer and must be removed. The company produces equipment capable of up to 4,000 psi to get the job done for a number of different sewer applications.
  • Food Manufacturing – General manufactures a wide variety of pumps for the food industry, including washers for cleaning processing plants, equipment, animals and vegetables.
  • Textile Industry – In addition to cleaning and maintenance, pumps are also used in textile making for water and dyes.
  • Waterblast – Combining high pressure and high volume, waterblast pumps can be used to remove rock, hard soil and to excavate land
  • High Pressure Plunger Pumps – Used primarily in the construction industry, high pressure plunger pumps are built to ISO 9001 standards and are ideal for applications like water sandblasting

General also offers a complete range of accessories, including custom-designed chemical injectors, trigger guns, nozzles and control valves:

  • Drive Components
  • Valves
  • Injectors
  • Industrial Pump Fittings
  • Vehicle Cleaning Accessories
  • Guns and Lances
  • Cleaning Accessories
  • Spray Tips & Nozzles
  • Filters & Strainers
  • Couplers & Fittings
  • Gauges & Switches
  • … and many more

General is a company that leads by example. In addition to designing and manufacturing for applications in the industries listed above, they produce dependable equipment for applications in oil & gas, desalination, excavating, mining, steel manufacturing, and pulp and paper.

Even those applications that call for operating temperatures as high as 185F, General pumps operate reliably.

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