Hot Water Pressure Washer Equipment

So you have decided cold water is not doing the work and you need hot water. Typically there are two ways of going about it.

You can supply the pump with hot water or heat the water downstream (after) the pump. The same amount of energy will be needed to heat the water, but the type of equipment you will need varies greatly.

By knowing what you have to work with will make your decision easier.

  • New or Existing Equipment: Do you presently have a pressure washer? Will you be adding to additional equipment or require completely new equipment? Are there specific circumstances that must be addressed?
  • Portable or Stationary: Will the equipment need to move to different locations? Can the equipment be stationary or located in an equipment room with discharge piping out to your cleaning stations? If it can be stationary, can the heater be located in a different location than the pressure washer.
  • How Gallons per Minute is Being Heated: You need to know how big of a heat exchanger is required. How many people are cleaning and at which flow rate or GPM? This will tell you how much water needs to be heated. The rating or amount of heat a heater can deliver is typically described as number in BTU’s or the difference in temperature after passing through the heater (known as temperature rise).
  • What Fuel Will The Heat Exchanger Use: This will be based on what you have available. Common heat exchangers heat by natural gas, propane, electricity, kerosene, or diesel. Can a fuel fired heater be located in the area of operation?

Knowing basically the type of heat exchanger you require will guide you to the type of hot water pressure wash equipment you will need. Each type of heat exchanger have features that are best suited for your application.

If you decide to supply the pumping package with hot water, special pumps designed to operate at the higher temperatures are required. Typically called “hot pumps”, they are designed with seals and valves that can stand up to the harsh environment that occurs inside a positive displacement pump. Inlet supply becomes more critical to prevent any cavitation from developing.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

The hot water pressure comes in a variety of makes and models, but lets break it down into the different styles. Each manufacture has built their equipment to perform with the same outcome, reliable hot water cleaning equipment.

HPW Incorporated offers their customers:

  • Direct immersion electrically heated hot water pressure washers
  • Bath style electrically heated hot water pressure washers
  • Natural gas or propane hot water pressure washers
  • Oil fired / kerosene / diesel fired hot water pressure washers
  • Stand alone gas / diesel / electrically heated exchanger or heater modules
  • Hot water pumps and pumping packages
  • The most established, reliable and trusted brand name equipment in the business; Aquapower, BE, Dynablast, Epps, Flowmatic, Kodiak, Landa, Magikist, PSC
  • Parts and accessories to repair and maintain your equipment

HPW Incorporated serving Toronto, Ontario and GTA since 1997.

Sales, service, repair, installation of industrial positive displacement and pressure washer pumps, parts and accessories

To learn more about hot water pressure washer and pressure washer heat exchangers by calling HPW Incorporated today at 905-761-8822 or click here to Contact Us.

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