Improve Your Industrial Cleaning

With Power Pressure Washer Accessories

If your business cleans your industrial or commercial equipment, you know that the right tool always makes the job safer, easier, and cleaner. You might have the right pressure wash equipment or pumping package that performs at the right, pressure, volume, and temperature to complete the job, but maybe you don’t know how much easier and faster your equipment cleaning can be completed with the correct accessories.

What type of dirt, grease, oils or other products are you cleaning?

  • Accessible New Equipment – light dirt
  • Accessible Old Equipment – heavy and light dirt
  • Elevated or Large Equipment – heavy and light dirt
  • Large Surface Areas – heavy and light dirt

By having the right accessory working with you power pressure washer or pumping package, you will speed up (not slow down) the cleaning of your equipment. As the old saying goes “Time is money.” If it is a difficult area to clean or it takes you longer to get to a certain area to clean, wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool to make it easier, safer or faster?

With all the choices to make in cleaning component accessories, it’s as easy as calling a professional to help you decide which component is right for you. Let HPW Incorporated be that helpful hand.

Choosing the Accessory for Your Power Pressure Washer

Now that you’ve decided there might be a way to improve how your power washer can clean your industrial equipment even better, or would like to get an accessory or component added to your power washer, make sure you get the right equipment accessory or component.

  • Pressure washer nozzles – It can be that simply. Just by changing the spray pattern on the end of your pressure wash wand can change the rate of cleaning, the damage done to a surface or equipment, or the amount of chemical used. Spray patterns from 0 degrees to 65 degrees not only change the amount of surface area that is covered, but the impingement forces on the surface you are cleaning. Do not confuse the spray angle to the amount of flow (gpm) your pressure washer requires to perform correctly. The orifice or hole size of your nozzle is just as important and may actually damage your pumping or pressure wash equipment if not sized correctly. The high pressure pump or pressure washing equipment is built with a specific nozzle or nozzles orifice to perform correctly. All major brands of high pressure wash spray nozzles (for example: Spraying Systems, General Pump, Rotojet, Suttner, or PA) have numbers on them indicating spray degree pattern as well as the orifice or hole size.
  • Rotary and Surface Cleaning – Large surfaces that need high impact do not necessarily require extreme pressures from you pressure washer or pumping package. A rotary 0 degree nozzle has a high impact or impingement forces with the same or larger area than that produced by a fan nozzle. Rotary surface cleaners can clean areas in a fraction of the time that is required by standard pressure washing wands. Material and engineering designs vary from the different manufacturers like Mosmatic and BE Pressure that HPW Incorporated can supply you with.
  • Pressure washer wand / lance – Now that the correct nozzle has been selected, lets get the nozzle to the cleaning area. Do you have a tight angled surface area to clean? Do you have and elevated component to clean? Do you have multi-pump systems, separate locations, or separate pressure washer equipment with a wide range of dirt loads to clean? With each location and dirt load, you could require a range of expandable, bendable, dual, or single, wand / lance accessory. Your correct nozzle being supplied with the correct pumping power, pressure (psi) water capacity (gpm) and/or heated high pressure water will be wasted if you are having trouble getting it the right area. AP, General Pump / Interpump, Legacy, Lonn, PA, Suttner are just a few manufactures that HPW Incorporated has for you to choose from.
  • Ease of Operation – Fighting with your pumping package or pressure wash equipment slows cleaning down and increases fatigue. HPW Incorporated supplies gun swivels, hose festoon systems, overhead booms, hose reels, from great manufactures as General Pump / Interpump, Magikist, Mosmatic, and Reelcraft. These are just a few accessories to make pressure washing easier.
  • Component Parts and Replacement – Are the component and accessories to help you get the job done hard to find and even harder to replace? Make sure the company and accessories will still be available when the time comes to repair or replace it.

The Right Accessory For Your Power Pressure Washer or Pumping Package Is Waiting For You.

HPW Incorporated provides you sales, service, repair and installation of industrial power pressure washers, pumps, parts and accessories since 1997.

HPW Incorporated is dedicated to:

  • Courteous personal service
  • Supplier of most major brands of equipment parts and accessories
  • Customer satisfaction in our quality and reliable service
  • Detailed and thorough quality control on everything we do

To learn more about power pressure washer and pumping package accessories, contact HPW Incorporated today at 905-761-8822.

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