Industrial Pressure Washers

Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, if you use machinery and industrial equipment, you know the challenges of keeping it clean. Are you aware, however, of the cost of not cleaning your machines professionally? Frequent breakdowns, less-than-optimal performance and reduced life of your equipment can be a big drain on your resources and will likely impact your bottom line negatively. With the use of industrial pressure washers, you can avoid these issues while also optimizing your productivity.

Using clean, well-maintained equipment will result in cost savings and also ensure more profit in the long run. However, all that cleaning and maintenance can be a daunting task. Efficient industrial pressure washers from HPW Incorporated can do the job for you.

Industrial grade pressure washers are absolutely essential for cleaning equipment in diverse business sectors. You can use the washers if you are into manufacturing, construction, food processing, transportation, landscaping and also if you deal with heavy equipment or automobile components.

But before buying just any pressure washer, you need to ensure that you buy the exact equipment according to your requirement.

  • An industrial pressure washer can use either hot or cold water. Hot water is a good emulsifier and removes dirt, grease and grime faster than a cold water washer. It also uses less detergent.
  • You can use a cold water pressure washer if you are cleaning wooden surfaces or if you don’t need to remove grease or deep-seated grime.
  • Different models of washers are available that run on electricity or gas and have either single pump or multi-pump structures.
  • For electrically operated pressure washers, you would need 220, 208, or 575 volts of power supply and a minimum pumping pressure of 2,500 psi.
  • Ensure that the hose you use can withstand the water pressure and can handle exposure to abrasion, heat and chemicals; all of which would be a daily part of the maintenance process.
  • The manufacturer from whom you source your pump should also be able to provide different accessories like rotary nozzles, gun swivels, booms and hose reels. These are required to optimize the performance of your pressure washer.
  • All replacement parts should be readily available and the company should provide a warranty to take care of replacement and repair costs.

Industrial Wash Water Recycling or Wash Water Oil Dirt / Separation

Now that industry is becoming more concerned on the effects of wash water discharge to the environment, HPW Incorporated supplies products to re-use, reclaim, or recycle pressure washing water. Turn an environmental problem into a environmentally friendly process by reusing pressure wash water.

For oils and dirt, cleaning up discharge water is completed by mechanically separating for proper disposal.

Biological separation is also available for organic applications.

Let us help you on deciding which type of industrial wash water recycling system is right for you.

  • An industrial wash water recycling system can be configured to the dirt load requirement.
  • Wash water recycling can be designed in a closed loop or open loop system.
  • Different components for specific wash water clean up are available.
  • Above and below ground collection options are available.

Why Choose Us?

Considering the importance of industrial pressure washers to your business, it is imperative for you buy your washer parts and accessories from a trusted and established supplier. HPW Incorporated has been servicing the GTA area since 1997. With sales not only in Ontario Canada and servicing of equipment in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, North York, and Vaughan, has shown we have the experience to help you in your application.

We offer our valued customers prompt and professional services in all areas related to sales, installation, service and repair of industrial grade pressure washers along with the parts and accessories. If required, we can also customize equipment for specific uses and ensure thorough quality control on every item we sell.

Contact HPW today at (905) 761-8822 for all your industrial pressure washer needs.

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