Positive Displacement Pumps

There are two main types of pumps used for moving liquids, centrifugal, or dynamic pumps / positive displacement pumps.

Both types use mechanics and energy to move the liquid from one place to another, but they do so in different ways.

  • Mechanics: Centrifugal pumps increase the velocity of the liquid which creates pressure at the outlet, much like the water pumps in a backyard pool. Positive displacement pumps accept liquid through the intake and transfer it to the outlet, creating pressure by the use of a nozzle or restriction in the discharge
  • Flow: Based on their mechanics, the liquid flow through centrifugal pumps can vary based on the pressure coming into the pump. In other words, if a centrifugal pump runs dry, it will not be able to start pumping again until there is enough pressure through the intake to get the liquid to flow. Conversely, liquid flow is more constant in a positive displacement pump and there does not need to be significant pressure at the intake to maintain that pressure.
  • Liquid Viscosity: Again due to the mechanics of each pump, the viscosity of the liquid being pumped can effect the efficiency of the pump. Increasing viscosity will reduce the efficiency of a centrifugal pump and increase the efficiency of a positive displacement pump.

Generally speaking, based on the potential variability of volume due to its dependence on intake pressure, centrifugal pumps are best suited for applications that call for higher flow volumes, including building water supplies, fire protection systems and agricultural irrigation.

With the ability to impart more, and more consistent pressure to the liquid being pumped, positive displacement pumps are better suited to low-flow, high-pressure uses like heavy-duty pressure washing applications, such as tank cleaning; fuel pumping systems and high viscosity pumping, including paint, resins and glue.

Positive Displacement Pressure Washer Pumps

One of the best uses for positive displacement pumps is in industrial pressure washing. The high water pressure needed to clean heavy manufacturing equipment, processing equipment, and vehicles can only be generated by a positive displacement pump.

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