Pressure Washer Pumps and Pump Parts

The heart of any pressure washer is the pressure washer pump. Powered by a gas or electric motor, the pump creates the high water velocity that gives pressure washers their remarkable cleaning power.

Properly maintaining and repairing your pressure washer pump will maximize its working life and help you reduce replacement costs.

The required maintenance and repair depends on the pump manufacturer and the type of pump. Below is a list of top industrial and commercial pressure washer pump manufacturers and some of the types of pumps they produce:

logo-bertoliniBertolini – For almost a century, Bertolini has designed, developed and manufactured piston pumps in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy. Bertolini pumps are used in agriculture and pressure washers for both domestic and industrial applications, including fire-fighting systems

logo-catCat – Cat Pump is the leading designer and manufacturer of triplex piston and plunger pumps in the world. The triplex pump design produces a consistently smooth flow of water through the pressure washer. Cat pumps are used in car wash applications, pressure cleaning equipment and CO2 & foam firefighting equipment.

logo-cometComet – With an international presence in France, the USA, Great Britain and South Africa, Comet produces high pressure washer pumps for both hot and cold water applications. Comet Pumps boast a number of patents pending on its pumps, including an exclusive packing system, crankcase oil sealing system and coupling system between the pump head and crankcase.

logo-generalGeneral Pump / Interpump – General Pump / Interpump has developed the “Emperor” line of pumps that feature packing technology and valve design that expand the pump’s high temperature operating range up to 185o F. The nickel plated manifold and valve plugs minimize cavitation damage and allow the pump to run dry for many hours.

logo-giantGiant – German/American Giant pumps have earned a reputation for reliability and durability by using bronze connecting rods, high-polish ceramic plungers and deep-forged crankshafts.

logo-hydraHydra-Cell – Manufacturers of positive displacement pumps, Hydra-Cells products also feature a seal-less pumping chamber and hydraulically-balanced diaphragm for virtually leak-free performance, which also greatly reduces downtime and repair and maintenance costs.

logo-legacyLegacy – A focus on research and development has resulted in a number of features that make Legacy washer pumps “the strongest, most durable” on the market. Legacy pumps include polished stainless steel plungers, forged brass heads and tapered roller bearings on both the drive-side and opposite-drive-side of the pump.

Choosing Your Pressure Washer Pump

You can choose and purchase pumps from any of a number of top manufacturers. So how do you know which one is best for your requirements?

A pressure washer specialist can analyze your requirements and suggest the best products to meet your needs.

HPW Incorporated is a leader in the sales, service, repair and installation of industrial pressure washer pumps, parts and accessories in Toronto and the GTA since 1997.

HPW Incorporated offers their customers:

  • Professional and courteous personal service
  • Complete problem diagnosis and the best, most cost-effective solutions
  • Custom equipment modification or fabrication
  • The most established, reliable and trusted brand names in the business
  • Detailed and thorough quality control on everything we do

To learn more about pressure washer pumps, contact HPW Incorporated today at 905-761-8822 or Contact Us.

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