Take Advantage of Pressure Washer Cleaning

If your business hasn’t discovered the cost savings and improved results that come from pressure washer cleaning, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the advantages.

If your business already uses pressure washer cleaning equipment, then you need make sure you have the right equipment and options working for you.

Your Pressure Washer Cleaning Applications

The first step in determining your requirements is to look at all the possible pressure washer cleaning applications you may have. While many businesses will have special applications, like tank cleaning or chemical applications, most would generally need to consider the following factors:

  • Industrial-grade Equipment – One of the most common mistakes made by first-time pressure washing equipment purchasers is not getting commercial-grade equipment.
  • Domestic pressure washers are very good for home applications, but they are not made to endure many hours of work or the higher pressures that industrial applications require.
  • Hot or Cold Water – The heat in hot water is energy. When that energy is transferred to the dirt, grease and oil sprayed with the hot water, it speeds up the molecular components of the dirt, grease and oil, which makes them easier to clean. But using hot water is more expensive and requires hot water pressure washer cleaning equipment. If your application does not require the removal of grease, oil or heavy, deep-seated dirt, it might be more economical to choose cold-water pressure washers. Keep in mind the facilities (power, natural gas, propane, diesel) required to heat the water. Electrically heated pressure washers do not require exhaust venting or air make up for combustion but must have adequate power supply available. Typically 460 or 575 volt power is required.
  • How much pressure do you need? – It is recommended that industrial pressure washer cleaning equipment use at least 3,000 psi. Of course, depending on your application, you may need equipment that produces higher pressures. The main issue with choosing the right pressure for your needs is having enough pressure to handle the required cleaning without damaging the surfaces being cleaned.
  • Can the Wash Water be Recycled or Cleaned Up to Allow Discharge in my Area? – Depending upon you local discharge codes, it may be possible with our proven oil separators to discharge the pressure wash water with one of our pressure wash water recycling systems. In some areas, discharge of wash water is not allowed and a closed loop pressure wash water recycle system is required. We can supply closed loop as well as open loop recycle systems.

Ask a Pressure Washer Cleaning Professional

While we have discussed some of the basic questions you need to ask to determine the best pressure washer cleaning equipment for your needs, with each application having unique requirements, it’s impossible to list all the possible questions here.

Your best option is to find a trusted pressure washer cleaning professional who can analyze your requirements and offer the best solution.

HPW Incorporated is a leader in the sales, service, repair and installation of industrial pressure washer cleaning equipment, parts and accessories in Toronto and the GTA since 1997.

HPW Incorporated offers their customers:

  • Professional and courteous personal service
  • Complete problem diagnosis and the best, most cost-effective solutions
  • Custom equipment modification or fabrication
  • The most established, reliable and trusted brand names in the business
  • Detailed and thorough quality control on everything we do

To learn more about pressure washer cleaning equipment, contact HPW Incorporated today at 905-761-8822 or Contact Us.

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